Partners in Innovation™ : A new approach to sustainability

Ars Verde, offers a new approach to sustainable systems. Hands-on expertise supporting state of the art product development, R&D and systems integration based on technical excellence, rigorous methods and above all, "your partners in innovation". For further information on Ars Verde capabilities and services please contact Alex Miller.

Solutions for the most critical challenges

National security from a different prospective; not just engineers, scientists, pilots, and technicians, but experienced practitioners. Over eighty percent of AV's associates are experienced in national security, emergency response and defense operations. Offering a new diversity, that works.

Ars Verde Virtual Security (V-SEC™) Solutions

Partnering with the new V-SECLabs™, Ars Verde established a group of leading experts in aerospace and defense systems, medicine, disaster management, energy, national infrastructures, off-grid housing, transportation, and communications. The V-SEC™ Corps distinguishes itself from others as being hands-on, experienced professionals from fire chiefs to weapons engineers to forensic engineers to physicians. Ars Verde's Subject Matter Experts are far more than academics, they are experienced practitioners.

In the News: Technology law expert joins AV for seminars and product development

Above: Drones fitted with specialized cameras are integrated to inspect very large solar arrays for faults, debris and damage. Star Sailor WInd, LLC, Ars Verde and Aerospace Research Systems, Inc. are partnering on virtual security and airborne remote sensing solutions in renewable energy, self-power communications networks, border security and critical national infrastructures surveillance.

The new partnership incorporates Star Sailor Wind's innovative high-lift vertical axis wind turbines, Aerospace Research Systems drone technology and Ars Verde's virtual security systems.



ARS Verde, Inc. is a woman-owned and operated small business
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