Virtual Security

ARSI Verde Virtual Security (V-SEC™) Solutions

ARSI Verde has an established a group of leading experts and analysts in aerospace and defense systems, medicine, emergency and disaster management, energy, national infrastructures, off-grid housing, transportation, and communications.

The V-SEC Corps distinguishes itself from others as being hands-on, experienced professionals from fire chiefs to weapons and forensic engineers to physicians. ARSI Verde's Subject Matter Experts are far more than academics, they are experienced practitioners.

Virtual Security (VSEC™) is more than wireless cameras and drones. It is the integration of mission oriented networks that provide specific information over areas the size of a commercial campus to that of a national border.

The advantages of virtual security are significant in the reduction in requirements for physical barriers, human resources and the ability to target any access or egress point at any time from nearly anywhere. From the surface of the earth to altitudes as high as low-earth orbit (LEO).

ARSI Verde offers the ability to surveil facilities, ports, borders and infrastructures in
real-time with real energy security, in the air, on the sea and on the land.



ARSI Verde, Inc. is a woman-owned and operated small business
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